All-in-one GPR for accurate scanning

The Leica C-Thrue is an easy-to-use and robust solution to see through concrete structures and reveal true data that lead to optimal decision-making. The solution is suited for all construction sites and more routine operations.

C-Thrue offers more flexibility with no limitations for your analysis requirements, in challenging locations or conditions (e.g. under a bridge, under ceilings, along vertical walls, etc…).

The C-Thrue external controller allows easier and faster data interpretation thanks to real-time data processing and representation of results in Augmented Reality for more efficient decision-making.

*Video credit: IDS GeoRadar


  • Antenna frequency : 2.0 GHz
  • Number of antennas : 4
  • Antenna polarization : Horizontal and vertical
  • Scans intervals : up to 10 scans/cm
  • Depth interval : up to 80cm (31.5 in)
  • Connection : USB, WIFI
  • Protection : IP65
  • Precision : 5%
  • Alimentation : 3.2Ah, Li-ion
  • Built-in memory : 32GB


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