Point cloud sharing software

JetStream allows point clouds to be shared easily and quickly between an unlimited number of users. JetStream’s strength is twofold: its ability for reducing point cloud size without loss of quality and for sharing the point cloud to an unlimited number of users simultaneously without duplicating the data.

The JetStream solution is a cloud infrastructure on which you can store your projects. You will then be able to control access to these projects and determine who can view them or not. Users who have access to the various projects can view the point clouds and photos taken by your 3D scanner or incorporate this point cloud into a compatible CAD drawing software.

JetStream users don’t have to download any data to their workstations. The point cloud is simply viewed on the workstation in streaming mode. This approach offers several advantages:

–        No storage space required on users’ workstations

–        Increased fluidity since only the points visible on the screen are streamed

–        Ensured that the most recent version of the point cloud is viewed by the users

–        Fast and immediate data sharing, regardless of the users’ geographical location

JetStream is divided into four parts:

–        JetStream Enterprise: The cloud on which projects are published and saved

–        JetStream PUBLISHER: The module, in Cyclone, that allows publishing project data into the JetStream

–        JetStream Connector: The link between the cloud and the user’s workstation

–        JetStream Viewer: Free viewer that allows you to see the photos taken by the 3D Scanner and to browse the point cloud.


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