Leica iCON Pave iPC3, iPP3 & iPT3

3D block-paver guidance solutions

The Leica iCON Pave iPC3, iPP3 and iPT3 3D guidance systems are proposed solutions for the entire set of heavy machinery surrounding the production of concrete pavement. Whether you are at an airport, a highway, or a tunnel project, you can eliminate the costly and dangerous step of installing the wiring. With precision attaining up to 3mm in elevation, your requirements in matters of precisions will now be met on all your projects. This is accomplished by way of the combination of the iCP3 (iPP3 or iPT3) system, its high-precision slope sensors, and totally robotized stations of the highest precision and reliability designed by the Swiss manufacturer, Leica Geosystems. These systems can be mounted on most any block pavers and offer the particularity of managing works that require offset paving.

Available on a touch screen (MCP80) transferable from any other type of equipment, with a simplified operating software and remarkable intuitiveness, this solution will facilitate operators’ apprenticeship and make your investment pay off from the very start.

The system is compatible with the Leica iCON Telematics, a simple and efficient portal, allowing for the easy transfer of data between office and on-site machines and distance control of certain fleet management functions via the site Internet iCON Telematics.

Leica iCON MCP80 – Control screen/computer for all guidance systems

Leica iCON MDS20 – Magnetic shield support for guidance systems

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