352038 - Leica NA Series: NAK2

Universal Automatic Level

5900 $

Highly precise and reliable, the Leica Geosystems automatic levels NA series is the most robust in the field and offer a precise and easy read-out even in unfavourable flighting conditions. The Leica NA2 is easy to use and sold in a set with a rugged case, a sun shade, a cover, adjusting pins and a 360° horizontal circle.

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  • Standard deviation for 1 km double leveling : Up to 0.7mm (double leveling)
  • Magnification : 32x (40x with FOK73)
  • Shortest target distance from instr. axis : 1.6m
  • Setting accuracy (standard deviation) : <0.3"
  • Protection class : IP53
  • Operating temperature range : -20°C @ +50°C
  • Warranty : 3 years



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