6012277 - Leica Rugby CLH – CLX 300

Upgradable Horizontal Rotary Laser with semi-automatic single grade

The Leica Rugby CLH is an upgradable rotary laser with a very robust design that can be adapted to all construction site applications. So you can use the CLH Basic, and add options, such as the CLX 300 adding +-8% semi-automatic grade functionality in single axis with a dial-in option, the upgrade delivers a solid performance in single slope applications.

This rotary laser with semi-automatic grade functionality in single axis is the best value for money for landscaping, grading or excavation work.

*Video credit: Leica Geosystem


  • Remote range : Diameter 600m
  • Operating Range (Combo, RE 140/160) : Diameter 1350m
  • Grade : 8%
  • Precision : ±1.5mm @ 30m
  • Self-Levelling Range : ±6°
  • Protection : IP68
  • Temperature : -20°c @ +50°C
  • Power Supply : Li-Ion battery
  • Warranty : 5 years / Knockdown: 2 years


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Available options

  • 6012290 Leica Rugby CLH - CLX 400, Upgradable rotary laser with horizontal and vertical automatic slope

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